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Did you know the idea of the telephone dates back all the way to the 1660s, with Robert Hooke inventing the string telephone? The string telephone transmitted sound over extended wires that created mechanical vibrations; some people may refer to this invention as an acoustic (non-electric) telephone. The idea is very similar to kids playing with Styrofoam cups, with a string attached to the cups. Now, let's speed through a few hundred years and fast-forward to the present - World To Home has some of the most promising, in terms of quality and aesthetics, of old-fashioned antique phones. These old-fashioned telephones come from an array different eras, dating all the way back from the late 1800s to the 1950s.

Some of the earlier models we carry include the Eiffel Tower 1892 Antique Telephone. This telephone was manufactured by the Bell Company. The Bell Telephone Company was founded in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1877 by Alexander Graham Bell and his father-in-law Gardiner Greene Hubbard. Later, through different business acquisitions, the company would eventually become what we know as AT&T.

The antique candlestick telephone is another popular and elegant telephone, which can really aid in injecting some style into your home decor. This old-fashioned telephone style was commonplace around the 1890s to the 1930s. There were also many names that this phone was frequently referred to as: desk stand, stick phone, and upright. The candlestick telephone was definitely one of the more unique looking phones at the time, and still is as of today. The candlestick consist of two major parts: a mouth piece (transmitter) ,that was mounted at the top of the phone stand, and an earphone (receiver), that was held to the ear during a phone call.

We also provide a large collection of vintage telephones from the 1920s, or should I say, the “roaring twenties”. Now, this was definitely a really interesting era; while our economy boomed due to World War I (WWI), it was also considered a troubled decade. Since this era was considered a period of economic prosperity, this luxurious item was available to purchase. This made telephone quite an attractive to have in your home – sort of like a status symbol. Some of our popular item consisted of: Viscount 1920 Antique Telephone1920s White Marble Vintage Phone, and 1920s Mahogany and Brass Wooden Wall Telephone.

The 1950s was an era of recovery from World War II (WWI) or, perhaps, some many like to think of it as the era that spawned the birth of the fast food restaurants. Even though by the 1950s payphones were virtually everywhere – from airports to trains stations – another common place for them was within diners or fast food joints. World To Home provides some of the most authentic looking 1950s Classic Antique Pay Phone to really give you that feel and nostalgia of that era.