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AH-1G Cobra Model Helicopter 1/32 Scale

Price: $199.95
Item Number: MATHCT
The AH-1G Cobra was developed by Bell featuring a new wide bladed rotor and slim fuselage that gave it twice the speed of the UH-1B or Huey. The Cobra aircraft is armed with 2.75 inch Folding Fin Aerial Rockets and a chin turret on the M28/M28A1 armament subsystem. The AH-1G Cobra or Snake was first set up on September 1967 in Vietnam. The principal mission of the AH-1G was to give fire support to troop carrying Hueys.

During the Vietnam War the AH-1G Cobra was used in a lot of missions from armed escort and reconnaissance to fire suppression and aerial rocket artillery. The AH-1G Cobra was always paired with an unarmed OH 6A Cayuse Loach or OH58A Kiowa light observation helicopter or a UH-1H Night hawk. The AH-1G Cobra was also equipped with Cobra Night Fire Control System or CONFICS and the Southeast Asia Multi Sensor Armament Subsystem for Huey Cobra or SMASH to provide the AH-1G with the capability of detecting, identifying and targeting ground targets during day or night operations.

The AH-1G is one of the high performance attack helicopters in history. Some of the specifications of AH-1G Cobra are as follows: for the crew, the helicopter allows one pilot and one CPG; its length is 44 ff and 5 inches, rotor diameter is 44 ft, height is at 13 ft and 5 inches, weight when empty is 6,073 pounds, maximum take off weight is 9,500 pounds, power plant is 1x AVCO Lycoming T53L-13 turbo shaft, and the rotor system has 2 blades.

-Scale: 1/32 scale model
-Span: 18.00 in.
-Length: 15.75 in.
-Weight: 4.0 lbs.
-Material: Handcarved Mahogany Wood Model Helicopter
-Features: Handcrafted and Handpainted

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