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Aurora Massage Table 28 x 73

Aurora Ls Massage Table 28 73 Portable Massage Table
Price: $650.00
Item Number: TPC10092A
* Wood frame lightweight affordable all-purpose high-quality table that performs beautifully without compromise
* Feature-patented elegant adjustable and unstoppable it offers high functionality as well as tested safety and durability at a low price
* Understructure is optimized for strength and durability and engineered for safety with aircraft quality cables and connectors
* Truly reliable leg strength and durability at every height setting
* Nylon leg blocks are indestructable and unsplittable ensuring leg rigidity
* Weight: 25 - 29 Lbs.
* Height range: 24 -34
* Length: 73
* Foam: Semi-firm
* Dynamic Load: 400 Lbs.

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