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Authentic German steins make for excellent gifts, either for the holidays or birthdays. These decorative steins come in a wide variety of designs, colors and sizes. Designs include medieval, German cities, professional, U.S. military and wildlife themes. Another popular category is the pewter tankard. Unlike steins which typically made of ceramic or stoneware, pewter tankards are made of a polished metal that gives them a lustrous shine. These tankards come in either German or English styles, offering even greater variety. 

Classic German stoneware steins often depict colorful scenes or major German historical events or places. Modern day steins depict a much wider array of images, many of which are not necessarily German related. The U.S. military style steins are particularly popular in the states. Many people think that steins are only for drinking beer, but of course you can drink anything out of them, making them an  excellent gift for anyone.