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Lighted Branches - Branch Lights

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Hand-wrapped decorative lighted branches make any arrangement elegant. These Branch Lights come in different types including pussy willow lights, willow branch light, cherry blossom branch lights, etc. They are artificial tree branches with lights, aka; flower, blossom, or twig lights, with decorative part silk flower. Branch lights are elegant illuminated flowers which posses the beauty of nature, enhanced with a soft glow. Branches with lights are so beautiful and go great in any setting. These lighted branches are illuminated floral tree lights. These handmade designer branch lights, by the light garden, are decorative and look great in any setting by themselves or when added to a vase or existing arrangement, and they can be easily bent and shaped to fit. Lighted branches combine to make a beautiful arrangement; we offer many different types such as cherry blossom branch lights, willow and pussy willow, plum tree, and orchid blossom lights. Willow branch lights are one of the most popular types. The beauty of these lights will provide years of enjoyment. Put the lighted branches in any vase or holder and add dried, silk, or artificial flowers to make a beautiful glowing arrangement. Please contact us if you are interested in battery operated branch lights.
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White Aqua Light  Underwater Lights
White Aqua Light
Price: $14.99
White Aqua Light
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