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Commercial Electric Patio Misting Fan Fantom

Price: $999.99
Item Number: IHL100042
Lava Aire Oasis Misting Fan - Commercial - Electric Patio Cooler: More than just another mist cooler, the Fantom is a major breakthrough in cooling technology. Utilizing Lava’s proprietary ultrasonic design, the Fantom atomizes water, dispersing it via a 3-speed, 24” fan. Scented oils can be added to the water, allowing the unit to double as an air freshener. The sturdy plastic construction will never rust, and the water atomization process virtually eliminates calcification. A set of casters guarantees easy portability. The Fantom reduces ambient temperature by up to 30%, in either dry or humid climates. The 3-gallon tank has a garden hose hookup, with a leveler control to prevent water waste. It also reduces cooling bills, using only 10% of the power drawn by an air conditioner. And since air conditioners only work indoors, the Fantom is obviously the better buy. Available finishes: Satin Black. Dimensions: 68 ”(H) x 28”(W) x 28”(D) 

• Color/Finish: Steel Frame Satin Black Powder Coat
• Design: 5.5 Ft. Tall 24” Oscillating Blade Fan • Cooling Output: Reduces Ambient Temperature By 30%
• Cooling Area: Up to 20 Ft. Linear Feet or 120° Degrees When Oscillating
• Indoor/Outdoor: Either
• Assembly: Ships Disassembled oo Minimize Shipping Costs
• Ignition: Easy Electronic Switch With 3 Speed Settings
• Energy Consumption: Electric - 500 Watts/ 4 Amps / 112 Volts Constant Use
• Energy Efficiency: 10% the Actual Operating Cost Compared to a Traditional HVAC
• Cooling Setting: On/Off With 3 Speed Setting to Control and Create Just the Right Level of Cooling
• Capacity: 3-Gallon Water Tank Will Last Up to 4 Hours On One Water Tank or an Optional Hose Can Be Attached for Constant Use
• Maintenance: Minimal
• Warranty: Lava Heat Provides a 5 Year Limited Warranty For this Product
• Quality: Commercial Grade Unit
• Batteries: None Required. Plug In Unit
• Technical: New Ultra Sonic Water Atomizing Technology That Will Not Leave You Feeling Wet or Moist. 


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