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Unique Designer Lamps

Below we are proud to offer hundreds of unique designer quality luxury decorative lamps, each one an elegant inspriational creation by a specific designer, crafted using only the highest quality materials. Our decorative lamps are organized below by categories for:  by Colors & Material (gold, bronze, white, black, blue, brass, copper, green, metal, nickel, red, silver, glass, & wood lampsby Shapes (square) by Theme (kids, beach and animal lamps) & by Styles (antique, unique materialaccent, buffetfloor, table lamps). With a wide variety and selection of decorative accent lamps you are sure to find the perfect one to accentuate and add a touch of elegance to any room in your home, one which your guests will surely notice and admire. Our designer lamps are made with the highest quality parts & the best craftsmanship in the industry.
Lamps by Color & Material
Blue, Brass, Copper, Gold, Green,
Metal, Nickel, Red, Silver, Bronze, White, Black,
Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass & Wood Mirror
Lamps by Shape
Square, Round, Rectangle,
Oval & Stacked Sphere Lamps
Lamps by Style
Antique, Unique Material, Tall, Accent,
Buffet, Decorative Table,
Floor & End Table Lamps
Lamps by Theme
Kids, Beach Themed & Animal Lamps
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