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What's G.Debrekht Artistic Studios All About

The studio that famous for bringing traditional Russian paintings to life is known as none other than the G. DeBrekht Studios. For the past twelve years, their artists have been making G. DeBrekht hand carved wooden santas by using old-fashioned handcrafting techniques mixed with modern technology to give a certain caliber of high quality art that only can be accomplished by G.Debrekht artistic studios. Every one of their excellent sculptures are hand-crafted and painted with care and extremely fine details that uses each artist's skills to add a certain unique charm that can't be found anywhere else.

G.Debrekht Artistic Studios History

It all started off as a personal hobby, before becoming a dream, and eventually making those dreams become reality. This was the first step, the foundation that would one day become one of the world's most extraordinary studios that specialize in what they do.

Andre Gabricht was only a child when he fell in love with traditional Eastern European folk art.

He travel around many prominent art villages with his father and was just enthralled by all the masterpieces. The more he observed, the more he noticed that each craft was actually passed down to the artist through many generations. For every village he traveled to, he found local artists that specialized in different skills; some were remarkable in craving faces and eyes, while other were outstanding in painting and illustrating. They were to be considered masters for the skills they have specialized in.

Seeing and feeling what those artist did, he felt inspired to create the perfect artistry. From then on, Gabricht study wood-carving, ornamental, and decorative painting. He learned and acquired multiple techniques from different art villages. Gabricht searched for the best artists to start working on bring beautiful Russian paintings to life. Each one of their artworks were hand-carved and then freehand painted to bring a charm that's recognized to be art work from G.Debrekht Studios. They also have G. Debrekht ornaments that are hand painted in Russia.

Nowadays, it's a small family-owned business that wishes to bring the best possible artwork to life for everyone to be able to enjoy. G.Debrekht sculptures are serious works of art, with amazing pieces from their collections of Santa's ranging all the way to snowmen.