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HH-60J Jayhawk Model Helicopter 1/48 Scale

Price: $199.95
Item Number: MATHH60JTR
HH-60 Jayhawk is a search and rescue (SAR) helicopter based on the airframe of the SH-60 Seahawk manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.

The HH-60J Jayhawk is a variant of the HH-60, with a crew of four including a pilot, co-pilot and two flight crew. It has a maximum speed of 180 knots and a range of 700 nautical miles. The HH-60 incorporates two General Electric T700-GE-401C rates at 1980 HpThe HH-60, besides its SAR function, is also used for drug interdiction, cargo lift and special operations.

The primary user of the HH-60 Jayhawk is the United States Coast Guard and was developed to replace the aging Sikorsky Pelican in 1986.

-Scale: 1/48 scale model
-Span: 13.50 in.
-Length: 12.50 in.
-Weight: 4.0 lbs.
-Material: Handcrafted Resin Model Helicopter
-Features: Handcrafted and Handpainted

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