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Homer Simpson Animated Phone

Homer Simpson Animated Phone Collectible Antique Telephones
Price: $79.99
- Homer Simpson animated talking telephone
- Homer talks and moves (his head and arms pop up) with an incoming call or when the demo button is pressed
- Last number redial/flash
- Custom or conventional ringer
- Tone/pulse option
- Demo button
- Homer speaks a number of funny phrases when the phone rings, including "Don't touch it, it might be work!" / "I'm leaving the clowning business to the clowns in the clowning business!" / "Always do theopposite of what Bart says." / "If that's Mr. Burns, I'm not here!"
- Homer sits in an armchair, his round belly is the rotary style keypad (push button dialing in a rotary fashion), and the back of the chair is the handset
- Ringer volume control (high/low)
- Animated/off/ring switch
- Handset slide volume control
- Requires 4 C batteries, not included
- Homer is shown in his traditional colors (he sits in an orange chair)

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