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Miniature Fairy Garden Kit

Miniature Fairy Garden Kit (Pre-Order) Miniature Fairy Garden Kit
Miniature Fairy Garden Kit (Pre-Order) Miniature Fairy Garden Kit
MSRP: $95.99
Price: $74.99
You Save: 22 %
Item Number: fairy-garden-kit
Please note: This exclusive item will be available after July 2013 so Pre-Order yours now to receive the sale price.

A Fairy Garden is a miniature garden complete with structures and actual living plants.  It is an indoor garden, a place to tend and enjoy any time of year.  Gardeners and non-gardeners alike turn to these tiny treasures to give their spirits a lift and their green thumbs something to nurture. As Americans continue to downsize, Fairy Gardens continue to increase in popularity.

The kit includes everything your customer needs to create a home for fairies and plants including:

  • Box for planting
  • Saucer
  • Soil
  • Arbor with bench
  • Birdbath
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Tiny pebbles to form a path
  • Fairy Dust
  • Design, planting and care instructions

Fairy Garden Kits are beautifully packaged and designed to make the perfect present for anyone from the shopper to his or her children, parents, grandparents and friends.  The kits are a truly unique gift item that will thrill anyone from age 4 to age 104!

As the tagline Green places for small spaces indicates, Fairy Garden kits work well in any space making them ideal for someone who is downsizing or someone who is trying to find the perfect centerpiece for a patio table.

Fairy Garden kits make great indoor gardens year-round and throughout most of the country, they can be moved to enhance an outdoor living space or garden in the spring and summer.


Box and Saucer

The box and saucer are made from a durable, chocolate brown plastic.  The saucer functions as a lid to contain the kit for sales and display purposes and is then simply turned upside down and placed under the box.

Arbor with Bench, Birdbath and Wheelbarrow

These items are made out of metal and are coated with black paint.  They are designed to form a natural rust-like patina as they age. The arbor with bench measures 13.25 high by 3.5 wide by 2.25 deep.  The birdbath is 15.25 tall and the basin measures 2. The wheelbarrow measures 5.25 long by 2 tall by 1.5 deep.


The soil is a custom blend developed by Black Gold. It is specifically designed to ensure the Fairy Flowers flourish.

Fairy Dust

Each kit comes complete with a packet of white, glittery Fairy Dust.  Gardeners are instructed to sprinkle The Dust on their finished garden and make a wish.


Planting instructions are printed on the back of the bag of soil.


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