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P-61B Black Widow Model Aircraft 1/48 Scale

Price: $175.95
Item Number: MATAP61T
The P-61 Black Widow is a night fighter aircraft manufactured by Northrop. It was used by the United States Army Air Forces in World war II. The P-61 was also used in European missions and was successful against a variety of targets such as fighter planes, bombers, V-1 buzz bombs and ground targets. In mid 1944, the 418th and 412st NFS adopted the Black Widow and in the CBI, the 426th and 427th NFS transitioned to the P-61 later that year.

The P-61 Black Widow is a very versatile fighter and is fairly effective against enemies. The P-61 was said to be the first American and only Allied purpose built aircraft to serve as a radar equipped fighter. It features three pilot, gunner and radar operator. Armament include four 20 mm Hispano M2 forward firing cannons and four Browning M2.50 cal machine fire control computer.

-Scale: 1/48 scale model
-Span: 16.00 in.
-Length: 12.00 in.
-Weight: 3.4 lbs.
-Material: Handcarved Mahogany Wood Model Airplane
-Features: Handcrafted and Handpainted

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