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Below you will find resources and information about some of our products:

Mova Globe:

Tips to Maintain Your Mova Globe
How the Mova Globe Works
Different Styles of Mova Globe
Styling Tips for Your Mova Globe

Lighted Branches & Branch Lights:

Types of Lighted Branches
Branch Lights InfoLighted Branches Info
Bonsai Tree Lighted Branches
Artificial Preserved Bonsai Trees Plant
Hidden Meanings in Lighted Branches
Choosing The Best Lighting Fixture For Your Everyday Needs

Antique Telephones & Record Players:

Antique Telephones & Replica Phones
1920s Replica Antique Telephones
Antique Candlestick Phones for that vintage look
Timeline & Catalog of Antique Telephones
Brief History of Antique Telephones
Reasons to Collect Antique Phones
Types of Record Players

Unique Gifts:

Golf, Cat and Dog Lovers Gifts
Finding the Perfect Gift for a Animal Lover
Unique Medical Gifts for Doctors, Nurses, Dentists and Chiropractors
Father’s Day Golfing Gift Tips
Unique Themed Gifts: Wine Caddies, Wagging Tail Clocks, & Nutcrackers 
History of Chess
About Hansa Stuffed Animals

Accent Home Decor Accessories:

Decorative Mirrors
How To Choose Your Bookends
Metal Wine Caddy Bottle Holder Sculpture
Beer Stein History
Floating Lamps - Levitating Light Fixtures
Decorative and Accent Lighting
Storage for Wine Bottles with Wine Caddies
Information on Model Planes
Cool Mist Humidifiers and Portable Travel Water Bottle Humidifier 

Authentic German Steins
Hand Crafted Wagging Tail Clocks
Architectural Birdhouse Mansions for your Elegant Garden
A unique look for your home with Animal Figurine Fans
Make your home more unique with Radiometers
Levitating Globes to awe your friends
A Brief History Lesson and Fun Ways to Use a Decorative Mirror 
Energize Your Space with Decorative Fixtures 
History of Model Shipbuilding

Holiday Decoration & Gifts:

G.Debrekht Artistic Studios History
Brief History of a Steinbach Nutcracker
Holiday Gift Guide for Unique Christmas Gifts & Decorations

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