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TV Ears Professional w/ 2 Headsets

TV Ears Professional w/ 2 Headsets Electronic Gadgets
MSRP: $259.99
Price: $216.99
You Save: 17 %
Item Number: TV-10241

- TV Ears professional TV listening device
- Now includes 2 headsets
- Becomes a portable assistive listening system that you can take anywhere and utilize in any situation
- Transmits with 3 times the power of TV Ears Original, is hearing aid compatible, can be used as a wired headset to connect to an iPod, computer, or other music and electronic devices and has an expansion slot that accepts optional accessories such as thetelephone cord which connects to home, business, and mobile telephones
- Works on any TV
- Covers up to 2000 square feet
- Create personal ampification system with included voice cord 
- Works with TV volume muted or off
- Doctor recommended
- An effective solution recommended by hearing practitioners nationwide
- Designed for moderate to severe hearing loss and hearing aid users
- New patented TV Ears tips add clarity and comfort
- Wireless 95KHz infrared
- Also works in many public places such as churches, theaters, courtrooms, auditoriums, etc. that transmit 95KHz
- Voice enhancement technology
- Automatic commercial control
- Powerful amplification (120dB)
- Super lightweight wireless headset (1.6 oz) 
- Volume, tone, and balance controls
- 1 Year manufacturer's warranty, lifetime service guaranty
- Power stacker transmitter adds 3 times the infrared transmission power
- System includes: 2 rechargeable headsets (extra headsets also sold separately), transmitter/charger (holds two rechargeable headsets),1 voice cord with microphone, 1 power stacker transmitter, 1 rechargeable battery, A/C power supply, 1 6" extender cord, 1 6' audio cord, 1 6' extender cord, 1 power microphone, 1 headphone jack adapter, 1 balance adjustment tool, 1 music cord for MP3 and other music devices, 1 cell phone cord
- Neck loop compatible (not included)
- T-Coil compatible (not included)
- Black

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