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Vintage antique telephones are an excellent decorating opportunity. They combine chic home decor possibilities with utility, giving you the best of both worlds. Replica antique phones come in an enormous variety of styles, designs, sizes and colors. Often modeled after a specific time period, these vintage phones bring back memories for many of us. The Roarin' '20s was a wild time, and the antique telephones from this period reflect that. Haut couture was the name of the game for these stylish beauties. Crafted of very fine materials (such as brass, copper and oak) these replica telephones are sure to make a wave in your household. In the 20s, owning a phone was a privilege that few could enjoy. Their finely crafted nature meant that only the wealthy and well endowed could bring home one of these brand new pieces of cutting edge technology. Today, these elegant telephones are available for everyone to use and enjoy. Add some class to any room with a finely tooled brass antique telephone from the 1920s.