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A mirror is an object with a glass surface coated by metal amalgam that's capable of reflecting light, creating a replica of the original image. The first source that was used like a mirror was most likely still water or water that was collected and contain within a vessel, for instance a bucket. Initially, mirrors were put together by polished stone such as obsidian, which is a volcanic glass also commonly known as extrusive igneous rock. These types of mirror date back as far as 6000 BC. Many of these mirrors have been manufactured from different countries across the world. Such places included: Turkey, Central American, South America, Egypt, China, India, and possible even more. It wasn't until the first century of AD that metal coated mirrors were invented in the city Sidon, which is part of modern day Lebanon.

Fun Ways to Use Decorative Mirrors

World To Home has some of the best mirrors you can possibly get! These home decoration mirrors comes in all different shapes and colors to match that lovely living quarters of yours. Each one is crafted using only the highest quality materials. At the end of the day, you're bound to find one to fit your style and unique personality.

Here are a few ways to use decorative mirrors:

  • If you're feeling edgy, try painting one side of the room darker that the rest of walls and place the mirror on the dark wall. By doing this, you can give the room more brightness and possibly create even more depth.

  • Set a mirror directly across from a window; this way it can reflect the natural light coming in from the outside, creating endless illuminating power.

  • Placing a large decorative mirror on any wall can virtually give the illusion of your living quarter being much more spacious.

  • Little round mirrors or oval mirrors are great mirrors that can throw back a good amount of light. These types of mirrors have become more popular placed in restroom/bathroom.

  • Large mirrors don't always need to be hanging on a wall. Sometimes the size of it can make it quite difficult to hang. Therefore, try leaning it on the wall, which looks just as good if it were hung up.