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Antique telephones are fully functioning replicas of unique telephones from our past. Throughout the years, telephones have altered drastically in both form and utility, and reproduction phones harken back to a simpler time. These phones are hand assembled using only the highest quality materials, to create a realistic representation of the past. There are numerous models of replica telephones, ranging from European brass phones to more contemporary American rotary dial telephones. Many reproduction antique telephones are derived from the 1890’s to the 1940’s phones, providing a true sense of nostalgia and classic elegance.

All replica phones are fully functional, for use primarily as a land line. They incorporate various dialing methods, from rotary dials to more recent button systems. Many are constructed of true-to-form brass and copper, and some even further with porcelain and faux ivory. These fine antiques also serve as handsome home decorations, providing class and chic arrangement to any room they are placed in.