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Branch lights are hand-made designer decorations and look great in any setting by themselves or when added to a vase or existing arrangement. They can be bent in any direction, and shaped to fit any vase or existing arrangement. Branch lights combine to make exquisite arrangements, and there are many different varieties. Pussy willow lights, twig lights, and willow branch lights are all very popular designs that complement each other very well. The beauty of these lights will provide years of enjoyment, and due to their flexible nature, they can be used in a variety of different assortments time and again. Branch Lights look great in any vase or holder, and by adding dried twigs, silk, or artificial flowers, truly unique glowing arrangements can be made. Combinations amongst the different varieties of Branch Lights also help to make even more unique arrangements. Willow branch lights are often combined with pussy willow lights as the two accent each other well.

Branch light arrangements look great in any room of the house. Living rooms are brightened with branch light vases, and arrangements add a calm glow to any bedroom. Branch lights may serve a myriad number of uses outside the household as well. Willow branch lights make beautiful decorations for weddings or any other special event, and provide a soothing glow for evening parties. One of the amazing aspects of these artificial flower arrangements is their versatility and durability: they can be re-used from one party to another, in as many different combinations or arrangements as your imagination can come up with. Real flowers are often mixed in with these arrangements to provide a curious mixture of living and artificial flowers. Of course, living flowers will eventually die, but branch lights will last forever.