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Lighting fixtures are by far one of the most essential and visual aspects in home décor. We often forget how vital light is. Throughout the years, lighting and lamps have altered drastically in both form and utility. In the past, Greeks began replacing hand torches by making terra cotta lamps  and in the 1800s they began using oil lamps. Since then, our ancestors have made great achievements to be able provide convenient lighting at in almost every home across the nation.

Today, lamps are not only used to provide illumination but to add décor, set a mood, add for task lighting, or accent lighting. Unique and stylish lamps can make a big impact to a home’s overall look and can create a warm touch of inspiration for any personality. Table and floor lights are extremely important because they play both a functional roll and a decorative role. When you think about where to start when decorating with lighting fixtures, everything from size, style, and shape need to be taken into account. Every table lamp, floor lamp and branch light has unique personality to them. There are multiple ways to provide liveliness or elegance. Ultimately, the style depends on your preference and personality.

Here are a few tips on how to provide the perfect combination of style and functionality:

1.   If you are going for a simple yet contemporary look, slim, drum –shaped, floor lamps can add both height and drama to a space without overpowering other décor.

2.   Shades with tapered shape and unique designs can make a room look classy and traditional.

3.   If you are looking for a bold look or a “dare to be different” style, can choose a lamps with beads or tassels.

4.   A very important fact to consider is how much illumination you need for your space. Ask yourself questions like, “Do I need this for reading?” or “Do I want to add some style with a modern glow?”  

5.   You must also consider the placement of the lamp. Be careful to add a wide lighting fixture on a small table top so you will avoid knocking it over.

Amanda Cadena