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Golfing is a sport that originated from Scotland in the 15th century. Some say that the sport itself dates all the way back to Roman games of Paganica, a sport that required the participants to hit a stuffed leather ball filled with feathers. Nonetheless, it's a sport - like golf - that requires precision and patience.

Golfing has always been focused around men more than women, but that not to say women don't play or compete. It's just seems more men take pleasure in it and find it entertaining than women. With Father's day approaching soon, on Sunday, June 16 of 2013, and especially if your dear dad enjoys a good game of golf, here are few golf gift ideas that show that World To Home is here and ready aid you in another gift-giving endeavor.

Even though this list is constructed for 2013, do not hesitate in considering to use it as a guideline for the years to come.

Memorable Gifts

There are many golf theme gifts out on the market, the key here is to know which ones to choose. Golfing can be an exhilarating and really enjoyable sport. There are times where you are just captivated and completely lost in the moment; these are some of your most memorable times while playing the sport. A golf photo album can help one capture great and amazing moments either on or off the golfing courses.

Golf Themed Gifts

Typically a game of golf can last quite a while, sometime it can even feel like an eternity. Golfing 18 holes takes average golfer about four to six hours. After a fun long day of golfing, its common practice and only natural to go drinking with your friends, to unwind from a long day. A great personalized gift to give is a beer stein, also known as a beer mug which is a loose English translation of it. To be more specific about it, a golf themed beer stein is what we're talking about. These golf stein are crafted from stoneware, with a thumb lid to keep it from spilling. Each one is illustrated with a beautiful drawing of golfing scenario. By giving your dad this, he can now sport it when he invites his friends over from game of golf.

Unique Golf Themed Gifts

World To Home provides some of the greatest unique home decor accent that can make his desk or office space shine with the love of the sport. Here is a list of some of those unique golf merchandize.

·         Green Marble Gold Plated "Golf" Paperweight

·         Male Golfer Wine Caddy

·         Golf" Bookends