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Floating lamps are a revolution in light technology with the Levitron Lamp. They utilize anti-gravity technology and LEDs to create a truly unique accent light furnishing. The most often asked question about these light marvels is "How do they work?". Levitron lamps utilize magnets to suspend the lamp shade in the air. Because the magnets are inverted, the same poles are facing one another. Since like-sided poles repel, the lamp shade is held aloft. Machinery in the lamp's base slowly rotates the lamp shade to provide enough torque to keep it aloft without tipping over. Without some measure of spin, the lamp shade could not stay aloft for more than a few minutes. Levitron technology has been studied for the past decade and such huge improvements have been made that the same technology used in shuttles and space stations to create artificial gravity is now available in your home as the amazing floating lamp