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An elegant lighted branch looks extraordinary under any circumstance and definitely makes a great addition to your home decor. Even though finding that right light fixture within or outside your home is essential to any home and can bring out that delightful warm atmosphere, there can be more to it than meets the eye. Sometimes, the greater meaning may not be the lighted branches itself, but what actually on it. Our lighted branches come with different types of floras and plants, and each may their own individual hidden meaning attached to their lovely exterior.

Some of our most popular floral lighted branches include the cherry blossom, pussy willow, and orchid.

When you think of cherry blossoms, the first thing that comes to mind might be the lovely country of Japan or just the image of a pink flower. The cherry blossom has been celebrated in a culture event within the country of Japan for over a thousand years. As years went on, the use of the beautiful blossom in art has become widespread, ultimately becoming the cultural icon and embodiment of Japan. The annual hanami (cherry blossom viewing) celebration has been a traditional custom for the Japanese people to enjoy the beauty of the flowers. Over the years, the flower is most associated with the ever-changing landscape and seasonality, and the cherry blossom has come to symbolize the transient nature of life.

The pussy willow has definitely become the Chinese’s favorite flower for Lunar New Year. Like the new year of the western culture, the Chinese, or Lunar, New Year is also celebration of passing one year and the rising of a new year. It is known as the longest celebrating festival in the Chinese calendar. While the new year is being celebrated, many cultural themes are used for decoration in order to usher in a year of good fortune or to find true happiness. One of the most commonly used decorations is the use of the pussy willow. The pussy willow resembles silk, and before long, it changes into color of green, like jade. The Chinese have grown fascinated and enamored by such symbolic growth, which represent the impeding coming of prosperity.

While the orchid doesn't exactly have a symbolic meaning, it does have a story behind it. The Greek myth tells that Orchis attend the festival of Dionysus (Bacchus). Not before long, Orchis drank too much, and lust filled his mind, and assault was upon the priestess of Dionysus. The furious Bacchanalians tore him apart in anger. Orchis’s father became sadden by the news and prayed for him to be revived, but the gods turned Orchis into a flower (orchid) instead.