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How the Mova Globe Works

The Mova Globe consists of two spheres, an inner sphere containing the drive mechanism and which is encapsulated by a larger outer sphere. The inner sphere is surrounded by fluid to make the motion between the spheres flawless.

The inner globe is suspended in an almost friction free environment, much like the earth itself. This is achieved because the globe has the same average density as the fluid it floats in. The result is the inner globe floats approximately equidistant from the top and bottom of the outer globe. In addition, as the inner globe rotates, the fluid distributes itself uniformly around the sphere preventing any contact between the inner and outer spheres.

The inner sphere is covered with a graphic design that is constructed so as to allow a portion of the light spectrum to pass through the pigment of the image. Housed within the inner sphere is an array of photovoltaic cells, commonly referred to as solar cells. Energy is harvested from the light that passes through to the interior of the inner sphere and is applied to power the drive mechanism. The inner sphere also houses a permanent magnet that aligns itself to the magnetic field of the earth. It may help to envision the way a compass works. The earth's magnetic field is able to “reach inside” a compass and rotate its magnetically sensitive needle to align it with the earth's magnetic field. When the North indicating end of the needle settles into alignment with the earth’s magnetic field, it will continue to point north even when the case of the compass is rotated around the center point of the compass. On more expensive compasses, the chamber around the needle is filled with fluid to dampen the effects of movement upon the needle. Much the same effect is experienced inside the Mova globe.

The motion provided by the photo electric drive mechanism pushes against the “solid” reference point provided by the magnet which is aligned with the earth’s magnetic field. The earth's magnetic field pushes against the magnet in the drive mechanism much as it pushes against the compass to move and hold it in alignment with the earth’s magnetic poles. Due to the extremely low friction exerted on the inner sphere, the very low powered drive mechanism is able to overcome the inertia and drive the comparatively high mass of the inner sphere.

The graphic on the inner globe floats about 1/4 inch below the surface of the outer sphere, but the optical qualities of the suspension fluid and the outer acrylic shell tend to magnify the inner globe. The result is that the surface of the inner globe appears to be superimposed on the outside surface of the outer globe. This creates the optical illusion that the outer globe is actually spinning upon it acrylic stand or any other solid surface it may be resting upon. While it may appear to be magic, in reality it is all a matter of science which has been applied to create a new and wonderful earth globe experience.