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With the modern age of electronic books (ebooks) and text, it is easy to overlook the charm and beauty of physical copies of books and libraries that hold them. Although printed books are starting to become outdated and old-fashioned, when the mainstream and the norm shifts to electronic copies of books and other print media, it is not accurate to deem printed books defunct. There is something soothing, beautiful, and organic when it comes to the reading experience of a tangible book, with pages you can feel between your fingers, and a lingering scent that is uniquely eau de book.

Whereas storage for electronic print media is as simple and as systematic as technology dictates, when it comes to storing material books, systematic as it can be, all that is dictated is simply a template that can have literally millions of iterations. In the recipe of book storage, there is but few specifics; some piece of furniture to hold them (i.e. bookcase, table, box, or nothing), a orientation they are placed (i.e. ordered vs. disordered and all degrees in between) , and something to keep them in place (i.e. bookends, gravity, etc).

The most classic and common storage for a collection of books is the standard bookcase plus bookends, with books vertical and the spines facing outwards. Although books can be stacked every which way on the floor, or even scattered across tabletops, it is universally agreed upon that well-cared for books are kept in bookcases, with heavy bookends to keep them upright and orderly.

Classic, in all cases but especially this one, does not mean boring or signify a lack of choices. Bookends are made to satisfy even the most pickiest of book lovers and bibliophiles, interior designers and stylish homeowners alike. Bookends of today can be replicas of the bookends of yore, or they can be modern pieces whose only semblance to those of the past is that they fit the constraints of holding books upright.

Here at World To Home, we showcase a wide variety of bookends, such as animal, marble, decorative, nautical, and sports bookends. For those hoping to inject classic flavors to your libraries, we have "Fleur de Lis II" Bookend that comes complete with a lovely tarnished finish and old-fashioned design to give a authentic feeling vintage feel to your bookcase. For those who like to keep their book collection nice and edgy, the Marble "Black Zebra" Bookends Model 1 is just the key piece to keep books interesting to look at.

Choose your bookends like how you choose your books, pick what you like!