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When it comes to lighting fixtures, it is by far one of the most fundamental visual aspects in home decor. Without a source of light, a room would be dark and full of emptiness. So, let start by addressing the fact that a room needs light, even if it's just a little bit; otherwise, that room would be rather pointless. Decorative lamps are a great way to express your unique personality and with the proper lighting, it can create a warm welcoming feel to any room.

When it comes to decorative lamps, and lamps in general, it can often be confusing to differentiate between decorative and accent lighting. Most people disregard the concept and go straight into decorating without giving it much thought, which can play out in two ways. Surprisingly, sometimes you can create a really remarkable atmospheric vibe while giving a visually stunning appearance. Other times, the room may feel mundane and dead.

So what exactly is the difference between decorative and accent lighting?

Decorative lighting:

For the most part, decorative lighting adds different types of elements to a room. Decorative lighting can add a more complete sense of atmospheric sensations such as warmth, welcoming, delight, attractiveness and so forth. It can be visually pleasing to the eye. Despite the fact that it can be a source of light, at the end of the day, it’s merely a decorative light seeking for attention.

Accent lighting:

Accent lighting is relatively different when it’s compared to decorative lighting. What makes accent lighting so different is that you are trying to emphasize the light source to drawn attention to something. Often, these can be something hanging on a wall such as, paintings or picture frames. The areas that is drawn out are the main focus point visually. These accent lighting can also bring out certain centerpieces within a room.

Decorative lamps that illuminate low light source or low wattage tend to be used just for decor. These are visually stimulating and bring out different elemental atmospheric ambience within the room. Of course, it can also be used for light functionality too. Touchiers which are usually taller and stronger in light source can bring out certain accent points within a room. These can work great for things hanging on walls.