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All lighted branches are hand-made to provide the utmost in detail and quality. Every stem is hand-wrapped with only the finest materials, ensuring that each lighted tree branch is truly unique. All lighted branches are flexible, so they may be bent in any shape, or to fit in any vase with ease. Lighted willow branches are fitted with dozens of soft-glow light bulbs, which emit a peaceful light that radiates throughout whatever room they are set in. These lights are cleverly hidden, so during the day the lighted branches appear as simple, unassuming flowers, but at night they light up with an inner glow that only enhances their beauty. Lighted tree branches may be plugged into one another, much like Christmas lights, to provide an endless chain of elegance and light.

Though lighted flower branches are artificial, they look stunningly real, and unlike real flowers, will never wilt or die and of course do not have to be watered. They can be re-bent any number of times, so the possibilities for different artificial floral arrangements are endless. Lighted branches are best stored in clear or artfully decorated vases, along with other decorations, such as silk, dried twigs, or even alongside real flowers. Lighted willow branches are one of the most popular designs, and look great as decorations for parties or weddings. Combinations of different styles of lighted branches offer even more unique arrangements, and ensure that no two branch lights will ever be alike. The choice of vase for lighted branches is often just as important as the branches themselves as the right vase will accentuate the innate beauty of the artificial flowers.