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Eventually, one day, you're going to start feeling like your room is getting smaller or you’re getting bigger. Chances are that you're not getting any bigger, but your room might be getting more cluttered from over the years. The trick here is not necessarily getting rid of your precious things that you cherish so much, but to find a solution that will make it give the impression that the room is getting bigger, or in this case looking bigger/less-cluttered. Well, problem solved; reflective surfaces, for instance decorative mirrors are great for creating the illusion of more space and can be just the thing you're looking for to aid your shrinking room conundrum.

This is a classic way to get started into making your room looking and feeling more spacious. Decorative mirrors come in all different shapes, sizes, and color. Each mirror has its only personality; on top of that, it can bestow a room with a completely different atmospheric vibe. They are an easy way to fashion up your room and getting it to look more elegant, luxurious, or edgy depending on your preference.

The magic behind the wall mirrors is that they are able to reflect any and all tangible or intangible things. More specifically, they are able to perfectly reflect not only the image of objects but, more importantly, light and color. By the means of these two aspects in play, it gives the illusion of an increase in size of your interior, without necessary removing anything.

Here are a few tips to give the impression and feel of a more spacious room:

1.       Placing two large mirrors on walls across from each other can create a room which feels like it goes on forever.

2.       By angling a mirror towards a main focal point, for example a beautiful art piece, can give the room more depth.

3.       Round mirrors have become somewhat of a trend these days, especially in the bathroom; by placing it somewhere in the bathroom ,if possible, it can create the impression        of less clutter and more space.  

4.       Small accent mirrors can create the illusion of more open area flow.

5.       If you're feeling a little edgy or risky, fill a wall completely with tile mirror and it can create the appearance of a room doubled in size.

Not only does decorative mirror can fill a room with wonders and create the feeling of more space, but it can also make it feel much more brighter. By having a mirror bounce off deep colors, the room can feel much brighter instantaneously with minimal effort.