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Metal wine bottle holders are a new, unique way to display your wine bottles. Every metal wine caddy is hand-made in Germany using recycled steel and copper. Each caddy comes with a certificate of authentication, and no two wine holders look completely alike due to their hand crafted nature. Wine caddies are designed to hold most universal sizes of wine bottles, and will accommodate bottles up to 12” tall.   

Wine caddies are available in a massive variety of shapes and sizes, ranging mostly from professions and sports to vehicles and animals. Fishermen, football players, trains, boats, cats and dogs are all designs to choose from in the metal wine caddy collection, and the large variety of different styles to choose from ensures that everyone who enjoys wine will find a wine caddy to their liking. Likewise, wine caddies make wonderful gifts, as anyone who enjoys wine will appreciate a unique wine bottle holder that caters to their profession or hobbies. Metal wine caddies are excellent conversation starters, and provide a unique and chic decoration to whatever room they are placed in.