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Did you know that the way you store your wine actually affects the taste of the wine itself?

It is because of this fact that most wine racks are designed in a manner in which the bottles of wine are oriented horizontally. This design is based on the belief that if the cork of the wine bottle stays in contact with the wine, the chances of the cork drying out is greatly reduced. If the cork dries out, the bottle no longer remains airtight, air is able to get into the bottle and cause the wine to oxidize, which directly alters the taste of the wine. In line with this notion, wine bottlers often package wine bottles into boxes with the bottle upside down, thus insuring that the wine stays in constant contact with the cork.

However, some say that the ideal way to store the wine is at an angle; this allows for the wine to stay in partial contact with the cork to prevent drying, while allowing the air bubble (created by the empty space in the bottle that the wine does not occupy) to stay at the top. This, arguably, allows for the wine have less surface area exposed to the air bubble, thus slowing down the oxidation process of the wine.

Other important matters in regards to wine storage is temperature, light, and humidity. Perhaps, the two easier of these conditions to control would be light and humidity, as they have built-in precautions in the packaging design. Most wines are packaged in bottles that are tinted to prevent and filter a degree of light from entering into contact with the wine. Also, the humidity of the bottle can be controlled easily by ensuring that the cork does not dry out, so that the internal humidity of the bottle will remain at 100%; this can be achieved by orienting the bottle to ensure wine-cork contact. Temperature, however, is important in both storage and for serving. Temperature has a huge effect on the taste; it is important to store wine at lower temperatures and to prevent temperature fluctuations.

World To Home carries a barrage of wine caddy holderswine bottle stoppers, and wine accessories. Wine bottle holders and caddies provide not only eye-candy (because we eat first with our eyes!), but also serve to keep your wine at your desired orientation, whether it be vertical , horizontal, or at an angle, and their designs help shield the bottle from light. Because they are also metal, they can serve to keep your wine bottles cool. Not only are these metal wine sculptures functional, their novelty designs allow for personalization and turns your wine collection into quirky home decorations. Their unique designs also make for great personalized gifts for wine connoisseurs everywhere!