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Reasons to Collect Antique Phones

True collectors know the value of an elegant antique that enables us to think about our favorite pastimes. “Reach out  and touch someone” was the slogan for the phone company many years ago. Today, people tend to forget the impact that telephones have made on the world and how technology has transformed these devices to become so convenient that we could literally reach into our pocket and grab what is now known as a cell phone. Telephones have now become a necessity to keep the world running. To be able to tell the story of how the cell phone came about through antique phones is fascinating to most.


Today, collecting old fashion phones have never been so desirable. Imagine walking into a friend’s house and noticing a vintage telephone in their living room. Your initial thought would be to walk straight to the old phone and start dialing a number to call out. But what is it about these phones that make them so intriguing? In today’s society and era, everyone underneath the same household most likely owns their own cell phone. People often fail to remember that not too long ago there was one phone per household. There were phones that were hung on walls and cranking was required to connect with someone.

Now, true collectors and mostly anyone in this world knows the law of “supply and demand”. Some of the oldest phones that are extremely hard to find fall into categories such as these:

·         Wooden Antique Telephones

·         Brass Antique Phones

·         American Classic Phones

·         Antique Wall Phones

·         Candlestick Phones

·         Porcelain Telephones

·         Princess Phones

These range in price on the market for over $3000. But why spend so much when you could collect replica telephones for half of the price?


At there is wide selection of antiques reproduction telephones that are truly authentic old phones from the 1890’s – 1940’s.  Once you look through the site you will find that there are different styles, materials, and sizes to choose from to meet your every need. Not only can you purchase these vintage telephones could as collectable items but you may also purchase them as timeless gifts for friends or family who share the same interests as you. These phones have a degree of elegance that are able to fascinate the minds many which could be perfect for anyone’s home.