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Small 38in. 96 light Green Plum Tree Flower Branch Light

Price: $39.99
Item Number: IPLGRFL96
About Branch Lights: Add some originality and beautiful design to your home with Branch lights; a new home decor item. Popular in Eurpoe and Asia, we are now making them available in the US. Branch lights are beautiful florals with an elegant soft glow. Taking the idea of a fake flower to a whole new level with illumination. These lights are artistic in design, not to be hung from the ceiling like Christmas decorations. Not only are these lights beautiful and delicate but if grouped together in a vase, they act like their own glowing light. These can be mixed and matched with any decor and vase to create any scheme; from ultra modern to Victorian. These lights also go great for parties, weddings, etc. We have Willow Branch Lights, Cherry Blossom Lights, White Plum Tree Light, and Orchid Lights 

Number of lights: 96
Height: 38 in.
# Of Stems: 3
Power Cord: 18 ft.
UL and CUL approved 
Indoor Use Only (or covered outdoor)
Our Branch Lights can be Bent/Formed to any shape or style
*Please Note: Vase/Fake Decoration Not Included

About The Plum Tree:
Plum Tree, - Keep Promise, Fidelity. Plum (Mei, Li) The five petals of the plum tree symbolize the five gods of good luck. The plum tree, pine, and bamboo are the "Three Friends in Winter". According to an Oriental legend, the first plum tree sprang from the blood of a dragon. The mei plum tree is a tree that grows in Far-Eastern countries, where it is the symbol of resistance against extreme odds. Its flowers blossom under snow in February, the coldest time of the year. 

The plum tree that represents gradations of nature from lower to higher. Artists pay great attention to the roots, trunk, branches, flowers and leaves of the plum tree, five different segments of life between earth and sky. It has a gnarled trunk, angular branches that remind the imagination of dragons coursing the skies. It represents the pure and steadfast stand of life through the long winter but it is not evergreen like the bamboo. Its bare branches and twigs look dead, but before any hint of budding leaves can be seen, the bark becomes covered with white five-petaled blossoms. A sprig of plum blossoms signifies hope, the renewal of life. 

In China, the plum tree is the symbol for the Tree of Life. 

In Japan, the plum tree is not only neat and clean but also withstands the cold patiently and constantly, so it is considered to be a symbol of constancy. 

The Plum tree is loved for its cosmic significance, expressing the reemergence and continuity of life. In the twisted and gnarled tree displays an appearance of hardness, especially during the barren existence in early winter; yet within itself it holds the mystery and beauty, the promise of Spring. The promise is fulfilled when the delicate plum blossoms appear each January, in time to welcome the new year. The plum, blooming in the January frost, is the symbol of hope and endurance. 

On the Christian Tree of Life, seven red leaves of fire at the crown of the tree express the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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