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With all the advances in technology, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that things of the past are obsolete. This is oftentimes not the case - there is beauty in articles of times gone by. Globes are one category of such timeless pieces; they provide educational wealth as well as classic splendor, and have always found a home in home decor. Mova globe combines the classic aesthetics of a regular globe with the modern technology of solar power.

The first place that comes to mind when thinking about the placement of the Mova globe, or any type of globe, is the library/study room. Libraries, in terms of design in most homes, tend to end up taking on a more classic approach in terms of decor. Mova globes fit completely at home with a room that showcases abundance of knowledge. Because of how they are powered, it is easy to see that Mova globes fit into areas that have sunlight, notably windows. Also, because there is no need for power cords, which can prove to be eyesores in a immaculately decoration room, there is little to no restriction on where to place them. Since libraries are an ideal place for globes, the hardest part about picking which style of Mova globe to put in your room is making up your mind about which one you like the most!

A close second to the library is the living room when it comes to places to host a Mova globe. Whereas in the library the globe was a matter of being a perfect fit in terms of theme, the living room can be a place for the Mova globe to shine. Make the globe a conversation-starting piece, and showcase it in areas where it is literally in the spotlight. Some tips for picking the right Mova globe for your room is simply as yourself how much contrast you want the globe to provide. If you want the globe to be your accent/centerpiece, make sure to choose a globe that is a stark contrast to the theme you have in your room; an example would be that if your living room is a monochromatic modern themed room, pick a antique globe or pick one of a different color than the rest of your room.

Another perfect place for your Mova globe is in your child's bedroom. Regardless of gender or age, a globe is an enduring piece that really enhances the class in a children's bedroom. Because they are not the most delicate decor, in comparison to pieces made of porcelain or glass, and can be placed in a variety of places safe from little hands when adult supervision is not available, they are rather safe for younger children. Globes are functional, educational art pieces and provide education for those young and old!

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