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Swan Elite

Swan Elite Music Boxes
Price: $8,750.00
Item Number: PJSSwanElite

The Swan Elite II is recognized instantly by the graceful bombay shape and magnificent marquetry on all sides. Adorned with the delicate inlay of pastoral scenes and musical instruments, the Swan Elite II is produced in the Porter quality tradition.

The Elite II plays 12 1/4" discs,  and with dual combs. The 54 teeth of each comb provide the music box with its distinctive sweet voice and full range of four octaves. Powered by a spring-wound motor, the Swan Elite II delights for up to 15 minutes with every winding. The convenience of an electric motor is available.



Featuring inlays of swans and instruments, the Swan Elite Disc Cabinet adds the finishing touch to your Swan Elite Music Box. It contains a drawer for storing extra discs and the crank handle. A shelf near the bottom of the elegantly curved legs is also inlaid with matching motifs.


Porter Swan Elite Music Box:

18 1/8" wide x 17 5/8" deep x 9 3/4" high. ship wt: approx. 50 lbs.

Porter Swan Elite Disc Cabinet:

21" wide x 21" deep x 32" high.
ship wt: approx. 100 lbs.

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