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Gift-giving is a staple of modern society, and personalizing gifts is an important aspect of that. Now available are a wide variety of goft categories specialized for individual themes. Prominent categories include golfing and cat/dog lovers. We all know someone who's a huge golfing fanatic. The people who can't get enough of the leisurely sport, who spendall their time on the green. What do you buy for the avid golfer? Why golfing paraphernilia of course! Our golf gifts category features many extraordinary gift ideas for the golfer who "has everything". Paper weights, money clips, home decorations, cufflinks and more are available.

In addition to golf lovers are those that love their pets. Buying for these people can often feel like a chore, but our cat and dog lovers categories are bursting with exciting gift possibilities. Clocks, wine caddies, steins, fans and more make the perfect gift for the friends or family that can't get enough of their pets. Each gift features the lovable, furry friends in an assortment of ways and is sure to be a hit. Also featured are the hugely popular wagging tail clocks. Each takes the form of a well-known breed of cat or dog, and some are decorated in wild, vivacious colors.