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Unique Themed Gifts: Wine Caddies, Wagging Tail Clocks

Do you have a variety of different personalities in your circle of friends or family? I’m sure we all do. There’s the animal lover, the professional, and the sports fanatic. How in the world are you supposed to accommodate these people?  Don’t worry, has the solution. Luckily for you, there is a variety of gifts to choose from that will match the needs of your loved ones. Anywhere from wine caddies to wagging tail clocks you will be sure to find something.

Unique wine caddies
are always a good gift to wine lovers. Wine lovers know that Wine corks must be kept damp to prevent them from drying out. A dry cork would shrink and allow oxygen to infuse the wine which would change the quality and flavor of the taste. A metal wine holder is unique, fun, and can be a conversation starter for anyone who encounters them. There are also a variety of themes that you may look through to match the personality of the person you are giving the gift to. For example there are professions, sports, army, and animal lover themed wine caddies. Go ahead take a look! They’re fun and quite popular.

If you’re looking for something a little more retro and fun, try looking through our wagging tail clocks. Kit – Cat/Dog Clocks have been around for over 80 years. Made popular due to their happy and catchy look, these iconic clocks will brighten up anyone’s home or office with their contagious smile. If you have an animal lover as a friend or
 family member they will love the appearance of these unique, decorative, and cultured wagging tail clocks. They also come in a variety of unique themed gifts (army, professional, sports, ect.). If you love these fun and quirky clocks, be sure to look through our unique selections.

Now, if you’re looking for one of America’s past time favorites check out our unique “must have” Nutcrackers. They are said to ward off evil spirits and dangers, bring good luck to your family, and protect your home. Nutcrackers have become an important decoration item during the holiday season for many people. Luckily for you, World To Home recognizes that and carries an assortment of different sizes, themes, and colors. Some examples include: Animal Nutcrackers, Funny Christmas Nutcrackers, Army Nutcrackers, and Cultural Nutcrackers.
Whatever you may be looking for, has the perfect assortment of unique themed gifts for your everyday needs. For further information on these gifts please visit: The Benefits of Using a Wine Rack

Written By: Amanda Cadena